Otaku Thursday – Seasonal Check-in: SAO Alicization

Hi ya’ll! Time to talk about my favorite two boys and girl of the season. The kids from Yakusoku Never—ha just kidding, we’re back to SAO. Considering that the third season of Sword Art Online will be longer running than any before (and possibly lasting a full year since it’s scheduled for four cours), I figured it would be better to do check ins throughout it’s run. Mostly because I honestly can’t be bothered to watch it week to week for so long, so I figured it’d be easier to just return to it every season and binge all the episodes from where I’d left off. SO THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I DID. So, how is SAO Alicization doing so far? Let’s chat about that.


First off, I’m going to state clearly: I had high hopes for this season, and while I am still mostly enjoying it, it still suffers greatly from typical SAO problems. The first, which I noticed pretty quickly as I binged, was that it definitely still has pacing issues. The fights carry over between episodes—starting at the end of one and finishing in the first five minutes of the next episode. It just…isn’t compelling for a show about swordsmen. Image result for sword art online blood eugeoWould I prefer fights go on forever? Not exactly, but I want something more than a five minute confrontation. I will credit though, that the fights are at least getting a little more interesting than just having on swordsman overpower the other with brute strength. Still, they’re nothing to call home about (but when have they ever?).  Also just as a side note, but is it just me, or is SAO a lot more BRUTAL this season? Sound off in the comments below.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that Kirito, while not unbearably OPed in fights, is still irritatingly hacked (so to speak). Now, when I say that, I mean that he just always seems to have just the damn thing to win. And okay…I might have said he’s not unbearably OPed here…but that’s a lie. Let’s not forget that episode where he has to work together with Alice…super OP. But I am enjoying him getting more injured in this season. It’s so Related imagerefreshing (I swear I don’t hate Kirito, I just stan Eugeo). Meanwhile, it is nice to see Eugeo getting screen time and becoming a person in his own right. And I do have to put it like that because my brother constantly calls him a carbon copy of Kirito. But y’know, Kirito is so boring in this new season…meanwhile Eugeo is kind of an emotional wreck at times and it’s just SO good to see his struggles (sadist you call me? perhaps). To see him go through anger, forgiveness, episode 19 (which all ya’ll can fight me on—he ain’t being thirsty or getting seduced—he legit being hacked), and more. Eugeo is my boy. And his relationship with Kirito is absolutely adorable. The way they have each others back and are constantly together…it’s just like such a cute friendship. True bros for life.

But you know what we keep getting less of in this second cour? ASUNA. Which I’m very mad about. Home girl isn’t even in the second opening, and she goes episodes without an appearance before getting a meaningless, five minute one. Here I was hoping for some split screen, badass-real-world Asuna moments but instead we get her eating fresh fish with Kaiba’s ex-girlfriend. Awesome.

I will say though, that there are two things I’m super psyched about what I’ve watched so far, and that is seeing Alice. Being a character who had been absent since episode one, she was really a sight for sore eyes when she *predictably* appeared. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her, even if she seems more like a trope than a character, and I’m glad Image result for sword art online alicization aliceEugeo finally found her. Then the second thing I really enjoy, is the bad guy they introduced, aka The Administrator. I actually really loved her backstory, and thought that her entire concept was truly interesting (especially the bit about how she creates integrity knights), but I have a feeling it won’t be utilized to it’s full potential. But, I guess time will tell. Her entire scene at the end of episode 19 did a great job of emphasizing her power over the fluctlights in the underworld, and was also a damn sad but good moment to behold. This is one home bitch I hope to see do great and terrible things before she gets defeated by the good guys.

Well, with that I have reached the end of my first seasonal check-in for SAO Alicization. I’m still enjoying it, though irritated with it as well. I know the full second cour isn’t out yet as we still have some episodes to go, but I’ll try to watch those at least as they come out. Hopefully nothing too humongous will take place during them that inspires a second check-in but honestly, who knows? (I bet you light novel readers do actually).

Related image

Anyway, how have you been enjoying SAO Alicization? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time!




Life is Hard for an Otaku: Social Events

I’m talking about those events that aren’t weeby or nerdy. The ones your normie friends cling to every year to get wild and crazy. Yeah, that one. This blog goes out the nerd in the room.

Every now and then a weeb, is invited to a non-weeby event. Most weebs have three main reactions to being with the general public: shut up, shut down, and wild out.

Shut up

This is the budding wall-flower. This particularly means they are too much of a nerd to think of non-nerdy topics to talk about so instead they become incredibly quiet. Then once a nerdy topic is hit, they explode in an overwhelming wave of fangirling.

Shut down

This is the step farther than a wall-flower. Not only are they silent but they also purposely distance themselves from the group. And while they do this, they don’t just look longingly out into the crowd but they pull out a electronic device to start, playing, streaming, nerdy content.

Wilding Out

Unlike the “shutting up” and “shutting down” this one is taking the nerdy content and blantly forcing it upon the public. Signs of this can be, bringing up obsessions into conversations repeatedly, seeing something similar to an obsession and jumping blindly into it without reading the room first, being overly excited about the event by being not only prepared but beyond aware of every little thing on the agenda.

Each of these can be remedied by little things. Such as, subtle swag that only another nerd would recognize hidden somewhere on their person. Like a keychain or a accessory. A little sign to show other nerds that you can talk nerdy with them. That is like having an open invitation for conversation and possible partnership in this normie event.

Deep breaths and courage also helps. We don’t need an anxiety attack. Staying calm and open to new opportunities is also an acceptable solution.

Keep calm and stay nerdy,



Top 5 Anime Openings of Winter 2019

dj 3

Hi everyone! The winter anime season is beginning to wind down so it’s finally time to do the one thing I was waiting to do. Nope, it’s not reviewing Yakusoku Neverland. No, today I’m going to be listing my top 5 anime openings from the winter 2019 season. To be honest, this season, the openings that have landed on this list have taken me a bit by surprise, but when it comes to the openings, I gotta go with my heart (even if the anime isn’t nearly as great as the opening). So without further ado, let’s get into it!

5) 3D Kanojo – “Futari Nara” by BiSH

Related image

I’m honestly just a little bit amazed this made my list. The anime is so-so, and the first opening was a little lackluster, but this second season’s opening is honestly one of the most fun to listen to in my opinion, and it’s definitely my favorite shoujo opening of the season so far.

4) Egao no Daika – “Egao no Kanata” by Chiho ft. Majiko

Related image

A great example that anime openings don’t have to be super flashy to be good. This song is what makes the opening great, and even though it’s paired with mostly still imagery for most of it, it creates a very simplistic but still intriguing opening. Plus again, this song is like the best to karaoke.

3) Dororo – “Kaen” by Ziyoou-vachi

Image result for dororo opening

So…remember how people get lost in songs? Take for example the my hero opening, or unravel or, literally anything else that was super hyped? That’s pretty much what I see happening with this opening. While not an immediately appealing song, it grows on you. However, I think it has one of the most unique sounding openings that fit the tone of the show, as well as interesting visuals that are truly eye-catching. I’ve listened to this upward of 40 times now.

2) Sword Art Online -Alicization- opening 2 – “Resister” by ASCA

Image result for SWORD ART online alicization opening 2

I hate myself for giving SAO season 3 yet another spot on my favorite list. As abridged version of Kirito would say: “how dare you make me care about this!” Okay, but self-resentment aside, this second opening brings a great energy with it. The song is lit, the visuals are even more stunning than the first opening for this season (don’t know how that’s possible), and of course it gives my boy Eugeo some good featured shots. That and I truly appreciate that moment of bloodied Kirito—super nice touch. What I love more about this opening though is that it ends with a impeccably timed handshake between Kirito and Eugeo. I literally can’t. Too fucking good. Also notable that there are actually multiple versions of this opening…so like, kudos to the animators for wanting to do that and making them all so on point.

Honorable Mention: Fukigen na mono – Long Time Traveler by Mono Palette

Image result for fukigen no mononokean opening 2

I really had to find a place for this on the favorites list because honestly this is the most fun opening of the season in my opinion. It’s cute, bouncy, and I don’t know. I get this one stuck in my head all the time even though I know there’s way better openings out there. So I had to give it an honorable mention.

1)Domestic na Kanojo – Kawaki wo Ameku by Minami

Related image

The ONE thing that was able to beat SAO for opening came from a place I’d least expect. While I’m still not sure how I feel about this anime as a whole, I can wholeheartedly say that it has one of the most well thought out openings of the season. Everything in this is just amazing—from the absolutely stunning song itself, to the way the visuals plays with the contrast of monochrome and color, as well as reflections within buildings (a tactic that reminds me of a Tokyo Ghoul opening). Somehow, this opening is just hitting all the right notes with me, and again…IT CAME FROM THE MOST UNEXPECTED PLACE. Like, I honestly just…I don’t know about this anime. I really don’t. Maybe I’ll try to do a first impressions on it, but for now, just know that this opening is fantastic.

Funniest opening: Hinomaru Zumou opening 2 – “Be the Naked” by Lead

Image result for hinomaru zumou 2nd opening

This deserved a special award for a…special opening. I listened to this opening and absolutely died. While I’m sure it’s meant to be more serious, I couldn’t help but equate a song like this to the ending song of Grand Blue…there’s just something about it that’s so laughable. But in reality, this song is really good, minus the repeated references to nudity and the fact that literally anyone who only understands english might mistake this for a sex song instead of a sumo anime opening. Still, I kind of love it so this gets a special award too. Also A+ for the manly aura associated with this.


So there you have it! These have been my favorite openings of the season! What do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments! Link me to some of your favorite songs in the season too! And if you’ve watched Domestic na Kanojo, let me know about that too. Maybe it’ll help me sort out how I feel.

Til next time!



Life is hard for an Otaku: How to keep a Cosplay group

I’m going give you some helpful tips on keeping cosplay groups alive.

Cosplay alone is hard to manage, and in a group it’s nearly impossible. In order to have a functioning group there are key components that should be maintained.

  1. Communication
  2. Motivation/Determination
  3. Sharing the load
  4. Drama control


Refers to the challenging tasks of careful planning and discussion. Making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to shopping and building the cosplays. Also agreement on what the cosplay is, meaning who/what they are comfortable wearing.


Sometimes cosplay making can become a frustrating task that turns into a chore more than a fun creative activity. But in a group, you have each other to cheer you on and keep you motivated during the process. Sometimes group working sessions and just regular hangouts, causal research -binging shows- help to keep you on track and motivated.


It’s all about using everyone’s skills and expertise. Sometimes it’s easier for a seasoned armor maker to make the armor for the cosplays versus a noob. But with that being said a noob might be able to assist. And that can be said about seamstresses and prop makers too! Assistants help the projects get done faster!


I’m going to be very real with you here. There will be drama. Have it be during a group chat or at the con, it can happen anywhere. Drama is best dealt with when everyone is honest and considerate of each other. Think of every member in the group as a pilot to the limb of a legendary robot defender. If you’re not n’sync you can’t dance, -cough- I mean form Voltron. References aside, teams work better together.

Adjusting life to cosplay can be difficult, but adjusting cosplay to life can be inspirational.

Stay calm and make cosplay.



Dat Music Though–First Impressions: W’z

We open the anime with children. We see a young boy and a young girl. Age unknown, but certainly young—and then we get a 10 years later text on the screen. That’s right, we’re still not talking about Yakusoku Neverland, no today it’s all about the anime I was trying to avoid watching: W’z.

Image result for w'z

Now, you may ask yourself: “why exactly is Luna avoiding W’z?” (or you might be in the same boat as me). And the answer to that is simple. It is made as a sequel to 2017’s godawful anime Handshakers (and when I say awful I mean deplorable. Like it was so bad). It’s made by GoHands, which is also responsible for an anime I rather like (but who also has its flaws), K, but who is known for it’s visually stunning anime and lackluster stories. So naturally, I told myself I wasn’t going to watch W’z…except I did. And after watching episode there’s really only one thing to say. It’s not as bad as Handshakers, but not as good as K (yet).  Image result for w'zI will say that the concept of W’z is more compelling to me than Handshakers ever was, but part of me also believes that part of the reason W’z exists is because GoHands really wanted to get back to the absolutely stunning world of the handshakers (which I will give them credit for. The handshakers world was the best part of the show. It just wasn’t worth the rest of it).

The concept this time uses the concept from Handshakers (being that certain people are ‘handshakers’, meaning they hold hands and get entered into the Ziggurat where they fight other handshakers as they fight to defeat god and obtain a wish [a lot of wtf am I right?]) in a much better way. Whereas it’s predecessor had it’s story rely on two main characters who couldn’t stop holding hands lest one die (no I’m not kidding), W’z presents home boy Yukiya, who has the irregular power of seeming to be able to take anyone he touches hands with into the Ziggurat (even accidentally), Image result for w'zthus making him constantly worry that by doing so, he might accidentally make them handshakers like him. This main character’s plot is already bounds better than what we got in Handshakers and I find it genuinely interesting, especially since there’s even clearly some resentment on his part that he even is a handshaker himself (can’t wait for that backstory). It makes me really wish that this had been my first introduction into this world by GoHands instead of Handshakers, but sadly that’s not the truth. Plus, being a sequel to Handshakers actually brings up one of the biggest weaknesses in the show.

A new viewer of this anime will be totally lost. See, it’s not a second season like -K- Return of Kings, and it doesn’t focus on the same characters as Handshakers. To be honest, were it not explicitly stated in the description that it was a sequel, it could very well be seen as it’s own anime. Which presents a problem because it uses SO much jargon that we learn only in it’s prequel. This lands W’z in a very strange territory of being new content but also not new enough that someone who has never seen Handshakers could pick it up and totally understand what’s going on. But again, it’s made to be a sequel so I can’t fault it, I just wish that there was a recap because this anime alone (and forgetting the monstrosity that came before it) could actually be watchable. Image result for w'z first episode

Out of all the GoHands anime’s I’ve seen, this was one of them that actually had a really solid first episode. Sure it was slow at parts, we didn’t really get into the Ziggurat battles until the end, and there’s a bound-to-be-love-interest childhood friend, but there’s also a lot of promising bits. The animation is stunning as always, the visual effects are on point and artistic, and the music is absolutely lit. Homeboy Yukiya is even a dj in the anime and we get to hear some of his awesome EDM tracks (for the record, I think GoHands could literally just make a visually stunning anime about the person who makes the music for their productions and I’d watch it). So GoHands is doing what GoHands does best with W’z. I just hope that they can correct past mistakes and keep the story of it actually cohesive, understandable, and satisfying. All things they’ve had problems with in the past. But I have hope. I want to have hope. Because even if I shouldn’t have watched W’z, I did, and now I have faith in GoHands again. So. Please. Don’t. Let. Me. Down. (again)

Related image

So now onto the bigger question: should YOU watch W’z? Well, I’m not sure. If you’re bored, yeah. If you like pretty animation and awesome music, yeah. If you feel like gambling, take a chance. But if you want something you know is going to be good, I wouldn’t recommend it. GoHands is just too hit and miss, so while I’ve already sold my soul to watching this, I can’t in good faith tell people that this will be amazing (or even that it wouldn’t hurt to try it). But really, that’s just my opinion. What about yours? Are you familiar with any of GoHands projects? Tell me about your experience with them in the comments below! Until next time, these have just been my first impressions.



First Impressions Rating – 5/10 fingers crossed that GoHands doesn’t let me down

P.S. That scene with Yukiya DJing in the Ziggurat was LIT, right?

A very late, very official introduction to Weebspeaking Gaishits

It’s time to meet our friends and partners that we are incredibly proud to be a part of. Everyone, this is the Weebspeaking Gaishits!

We are a variety group specializing in all things weeby. Each of us are obsessive collectors, critics, fans, otaku of particularly nerdy pass times.

Us, as Y0uc4n7kn0w, have taken on the role of blogging the adventures and anime reviews of WsGs. We also cosplay with them too! Soon you’ll see changes starting with a new url. (Don’t worry, we’re keeping our name and not totally rebranding.)

We want to keep giving you the goods so we will have another blog that is more centered about the essence of what we love. Writing!!! So with that being said we welcome you to the WsGs discord where we will share articles and chat live with the rest of the gaishits.


Star and Luna

The Killer is a Cat – First Impressions, My Roommate is a Cat

Thrilling, terrifying. Something stalks at night…preying upon the weak. Yakusoku Neverland is haunting, but not as haunting as the cat in the story that author Subaru is writing in My Roommate is a Cat, which is exactly what we’re going to talk about today! It’s Luna here with another first impressions, and I am PSYCHED.

Image result for my roommate is a cat

My first thought about this anime was: “I wonder if I’m going to like this?” —said as I stroked the black cat on my lap as I looked between the anime trailer and the story I was outlining. In retrospect, it was a dumb question. OF COURSE I was going to like it. On one level, I was practically living it. But y’know, out of all the pet cat stories I’ve read, My Roommate is a Cat is one of the most adorable I’ve viewed in a while.

So homeboy Subaru is an author who has lived a life where he didn’t enjoy other people, and didn’t enjoy leaving his house in general. This lonely life came to a head when his parents tragically passed away on one of their many family trips that Subaru stayed home from. And since that day, Subaru has continued living in solitude (save for his editor who hounds him constantly). SPEAKING of his editor who hounds him constantly (which hey, is a common thing in manga with authors–is this really how it is in Japan? Amazing). So one day when he’s avoiding writing the story that he can’t think of,  he decides to visit his parents grave, and while there a stray cat shows up. This cat becomes his inspiration for his next novel (as described in opening paragraph), and thus takes the cat in.Image result for my roommate is a cat episode 1 Now, from a pet owner perspective, this show is sometimes vexing to watch—mostly because you can SEE what he’s doing wrong, but at the same time you can’t blame him because he ain’t never owned a pet before. So I find myself often frustrated and yelling at Subaru for both being incompetent taking care of the cat, but even more frustrated with his incompetence to take care of himself. LIKE HONESTLY MAN. YOU HAVE TO EAT TO SURVIVE. DON’T GET OBSSESSED WITH A DEADLINE AND FORGET TO EAT.

You know what the funny thing is? The cat’s thinking the same thing, well, in not so many words. See, what makes this show so entertaining is to see what home slice Subaru is doing for half the episode, and then to see what the cat is doing/thinks for the other half. For instance, the cat tries to get Subaru to eat, and after seeing him faint, decides she needs to take care of him because he obviously can’t take care of himself. Which is actually kind of a cute concept, because cats actually tend to do this. Some of their behaviors, such as hunting, is done simply because they think you can’t fend for yourself and thus they need to. In fact, this whole formula of showing what the cat thinking is comedic gold because oftentimes it’s never as profound as what Subaru is thinking. Image result for my roommate is a catLike naming the cat? Subaru thinks Haru likes the name because she perks up when he says it, but in reality Haru perks up because that was the name of a little girl who used to feed her so she associates the name Haru with food. SO OF COURSE SHE GETS EXCITED.

Honestly, I have to commend this anime for the simplicity of it’s story, and humor. Like, this is nothing new or shocking but it’s so damn entertaining to watch. Haru is adorable, thinks exactly like you’d think any cat would, and Subaru is a clueless pet owner as any. But he’s also being forced out of his singular world by having to take in this other pet. Related imageAlready his small world is expanding, and he finds himself caring for and having to care for this other living being. On the flip side of that though, it’s also cool to see Haru as this stray cat who starts to understand what it means to be taken care of and what a “home” is and what a “family” is. It certainly gives a pet owner warm feels about what their furry companion might be thinking of them (but if this show is anything to go by, then your furry companion ain’t thinking of anything like that).

Overall, this show is simple. It’s simple, but it’s cute. It’s got a good formula for an anime about a guy and his cat, and it shows the developing love between an owner and their pet well. In fact, I think the depiction of the cat in general is pretty good, because in so many ways, Haru reminds me of my own furball. And hey, maybe that’s why I like it so much. Because I do have a little black cat sitting on my lap as I write this blog post and get ready to go back to writing the story I’m working on. And maybe I do like it so much because I got my little black cat as a stray who was separated from her siblings. And maybe I do like it so much because she was my first cat and at first I was just as clueless as Subaru. And maybe I do like it because just like my cat has given me so much joy and taught me so much in these past fourteen years, and I’m excited for Subaru (yes an anime character) to start his long road with Haru that I feel will be filled with joy.

Image result for my roommate is a cat

So if you like animals? Watch it. If you have a cat? You NEED to watch it. If you don’t like animals? Skip it. If you’re so-so? Only if you have time. But I’d recommend. Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Until next time!



First Impression Rating- 7/10 times you think your cat is being profound, it just wants food

P.S. Anime/manga ‘s depiction of authors in Japan worries me for their health…